Intel Expands In-Home Health Solution in Europe

Intel already sells its Intel Health Guide in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. Now Intel is partnering with health care providers to expand into continental Europe, including France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Intel is looking to expand its Intel Health Guide in-home patient technology into the wider European market through a series of partnerships with health care providers.

Intel announced May 26 that it is working with partners to bring the technology to France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. The solution already is commercially available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

The Intel Health Guide includes the Intel Health Guide PHS6000, an in-home patient device, combined with Intel Health Care Management Suite, an online interface that enables doctors to monitor and manage the care of their patients remotely.

The solution is designed to improve situations involving chronic illnesses, according to Intel. That will be increasingly important as the population of Europe continues to age, according to Doug Busch, vice president and CTO of Intel's Digital Health Group.

"Chronic conditions can account for 70 percent of total health expenditures in Europe, especially if the conditions are poorly managed," Busch said in a statement. "With the average age of the population in Europe increasing, the number of people with chronic conditions will increase substantially over the coming years."

The solution gives patients and doctors interactive tools for care management and includes the collection of vital signs, patient reminders, surveys, multimedia education and communications tools, such as video conferencing and e-mail notifications.

It connects to specific wired and wireless medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors and glucose meters.

In the Netherlands, the Intel Health Guide is available through Fujitsu, which is the first reseller. In addition, Intel is working with the Martini Hospital and Curl T in Groningen in a pilot project involving pregnant women with diabetes.

In France, Intel is working with Orange Healthcare and is planning to work with Moulins-Yzeure Hospital on a telehealth pilot project. In Germany, Intel is partnering with the Asklepios Hospital Group on a telehealth pilot project to work with post-discharge patients.

Intel's partner in Spain is Telefonica. The two are working on a pilot project as well.