New Tech for New Parents

Is there something in the water? PC Magazine's staff has four babies less than one year old, with more on the way. The new parents and the rest of the staff look at a range of technology for new parents, including iPod speaker systems to play environmenta

Theres something in the water at PC Magazine. Our editorial staff has four babies less than one year old, with more on the way. And though the babies themselves dont know a ring tone from a teething ring, all of us new parents are trying to find ways to use tech to enjoy the maximum baby experience.

My baby is only a few months old, so shes still in that "inexplicable screaming" phase. When she starts up, out comes the Altec Lansing InMotion IM3 iPod speakers.

I found that the sound of rain calms her down, so I bought an hours worth of rain sounds on iTunes, loaded them onto my iPod, and deliver them full blast to the baby anywhere in the house. The InMotion speakers are extremely light and portable, battery powered, and easy to use—very important when youre a little distracted by all the baby hollering.

Executive Editor Stephanie Chang picked up the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DS-2 to capture her little boys every gurgle and coo.

The DS-2 is small enough that she can carry it around everywhere she goes, and it holds up to 22 hours of audio (thats a lot of gurgling). You can then upload the audio to your PC via a USB cable.

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