Sun to Executives: Eat Your Own Dog Food

Sun Microsystems is apparently taking a hard line with its executives running Microsoft Windows and Office on their machines.

Sun Microsystems is apparently taking a hard line with its executives running Microsoft Windows and Office on their machines and is strongly encouraging them to replace the software with Sun-supported products such as Solaris, Linux and StarOffice. A Tabby tattler told the Katt that even a VP whos overseeing Suns Linux and Solaris projects was only recently persuaded to drop the Microsoft products from both his office and home computers.

The tattler also claimed that Sun is no longer buying hardware pre-loaded with Windows and has told staffers theyre free to load any non-Microsoft operating system they want.

On the CRM front, El Gato heard wild tales last week that the love-hate relationship between Siebel and future CRM competitor Microsoft may actually soon be consummated. A tipster claims that a rumor is circulating that Microsoft might buy Siebel. "Could Gates himself announce the deal during his keynote at the upcoming Siebel Worldwide User Week in LA?" pondered the Puss.

The number of missives El Gato received from people claiming that exhibitors at last weeks Microsoft Exchange Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center could receive but not send e-mail actually surpassed the number of urgent business proposals from Nigerian dignitaries he usually gets. The Katt found it odd that organizers of a show that hyped itself as "a critical resource for networking with peers" would incorrectly configure SMTP service for the venue. The show did tout wireless coverage provided by Cisco Systems, but if you werent packing an 802.11b wireless card, it seems youd need a VPN or Hotmail account to reach the homelands. The outlook for Outlook users at the show was bleak, according to the tattlers.

Speaking of Outlook, El Gato was amused as he scanned the Windows XP SP1 fix list and saw an entry labeled "Calendar Type May Change to Japanese Emperor Era When Outlook Runs."

"Well, that would have been one way to ensure Y2K compliance," pondered the Puss. "Or maybe it was a bug planted by an Oracle mole as a tribute to Larry Ellisons love of Japanese architecture."

The imaginative Mouser was quickly diverted from reading about buggy calendars in the Japanese version of Outlook when he spotted another entry labeled "The Thrustmaster Dance Pad May Not Work Correctly in XP."

"Who says the tech industry has lost its excitement?" cackled the Kitty.

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Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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