SuperMicro Unleashes a Workhorse Dual Xeon Nehalem Workstation

The SuperMicro SuperWorkStation 7046A-3 is a true workhorse of a workstation; it pack tremendous processing power and room for memory and storage expansion. And, best of all, it won't break the bank.

Designing a high-performance workstation takes more than just throwing the latest components together and hoping for the best. To guarantee high performance, it takes engineering, a careful matching of components and precise assembly to bring forth a quality design.

SuperMicro has not forgotten those elements when it comes to building workstations that even the most demanding of users will come to love. The SuperWorkStation 7046A-3 is a behemoth that screams performance and showcases quality while quietly going about its business.

Some vendors think a workstation is little more than a PC on steroids, while others treat any expensive PCs as workstation-class systems. SuperMicro takes a more straightforward approach and builds workstations that are not be confused with any run of the mill PC or other pretenders.

The company's SuperWorkstations are large black rectangular boxes which aren't designed to fit on the typical desktop. Weighing in at a back-straining 60-plus pounds, no staffer is going to confuse a SuperMicro workstation with the typical desktop PC. Installers will need to plan accordingly for the weight and size of these units, which measure 7-inches x 17.2-inches X 25.5-inches.

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