Surfers Sneak Into Site Through the Back Door

When it comes to parties, El Gato usually tries to get in by walking through the front door backward.

When it comes to parties, El Gato usually tries to get in by walking through the front door backward. When it comes to the Internet, it seems Web surfers in China had the same idea. Until last week, when their government finally lifted its ban on Google, they had been able to access the search engine only by using a mirror site called elgooG.

The mirror search engine, misinterpreted recently in various media as a duplicate of Googles cached data, is a clever link to the Google cache that requires surfers to type search requests backward. "Hey, it doesnt matter if you gotta slide in sideways as long you get into the festivities," chuckled otaG lE.

In addition to receiving criticism for blocking several search engines, the Chinese government is being accused by Internet groups of hijacking surfers attempts to log on to certain sites by rerouting them to similar sites that actually originate in China. "Dude, thats like the TV commercial where the guy replaces your regular detergent with brand X, no?" mused the Mouser.

Another popular Internet brand, eBay, is being mimicked online, but as part of a political parody, not as a mirror site. California gubernatorial candidate Bill Simons camp has created a Web site called to use as a mudslinging tool against incumbent Gov. Gray Davis. The page, which is a dead ringer for the auction site, offers at high bid prices such faux items as shakedowns, special favors and dioxin dumping permissions. "Pornography is one thing, but if politicians start using the Web for smear tactics, well, thats just vile," laughed the Lynx.

Siebel Systems CEO Tom Siebel said recently he was optimistic as his company looks toward the fourth quarter, yet Siebel cautioned, "What happens if we go to war? All bets are off." The Puss pondered whether homeland issues, rather than Iraq, should concern the CEO, since the company announced it had replaced its global sales chief. Richard Chiarello, whos handled sales at IBM and Computer Associates, has been crowned the companys global sales czar. Exactly whose shoes Chiarello is filling is where it gets fuzzy. Technically, hes replacing interim sales boss Mark Hanson, but exactly when Hanson took over the position from the previous global sales chief, William McDermott, seems to be the $64,000 question.

The penny-pinching Puss was nonplussed when he heard Microsoft had forgiven its $15 million loan to Rick Belluzzo, the companys recently departed president. "Oh, well, its only monopoly money after all," cackled the Kitty.

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Spencer F. Katt

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