ViewSonic VT2230 Melds 1080p HDTV and PC Display

Those looking for crystal clear images are turning to 1080p, a resolution that is perfect for HDTV, Blue-Ray content and even PCs. On the PC front, 1080p brings 1920x1080 resolution, which offers plenty of screen real estate and still keeps images sharp, icons viewable and windows usable. ViewSonic is embracing 1080p as evidenced with the VT2230 - a monitor that doesn't know if it's a PC display or an HDTV.

ViewSonic's marriage of 1080p HDTV to a PC display gives the company a leg up on the competition - most of the other vendors out there default to 1080i/720P for their native resolution, which is fine for most video content, but comes up short on a PC - thanks to a native resolution of just 1280 x 720.

With the VT2230, ViewSonic is looking to capitalize on the dual-purpose market by designing a unit that can be a great PC monitor and a good HDTV.

Building a great PC monitor was obviously the easy part for ViewSonic, which has years of experience manufacturing LCD displays that have become one of the PC industry standards. Here, the VT2230 does not disappoint. The unit offers a native resolution of 1920x1080, which proves to be very agreeable on a 22-inch display. Integrated speakers are another plus, while a dual-mount capability (wall or stand) makes it a fit for most work environments.

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