AMD Brings Vision Program to SMB PCs

AMD, which introduced its Vision program to consumer notebooks in September, is expanding it to include commercial PCs. The program will emphasize the graphics capabilities and the value offered by PCs that use the Vision Pro program. Lenovo is including the Vision Pro platform with some of its entry-level ultraportable ThinkPad X100e and ThinkPad Edge laptops.

Advanced Micro Devices, which introduced its Vision program to consumers in September, is now expanding it to the commercial PC space.

AMD on Jan. 4 rolled out its Vision Pro Technology platform that is aimed at offering both strong graphics capabilities and competitive prices.

AMD's Vision program for notebooks, rolled out in the fall, was aimed at making it easier for consumers to decide what system they wanted by de-emphasizing the technical speeds and feeds and focusing more on the benefits and value that could be derived from the notebooks.

The program later this year will include consumer desktops, and now encompasses commercial PCs.

A key point for the business systems is the graphics capabilities, according to AMD. Eighty percent of human comprehension is reached through visuals, the company claims, and business communications are becoming increasingly visually oriented.

Because of this, the PCs encompassed in the business Vision Pro plan will feature support for multiple monitors and the use of video conferencing software, and will offer the capabilities to view videos seamlessly and to create and watch presentations that feature video and 3D graphics.

The Vision Pro plan also will emphasize the value of the systems, according to Nigel Dessau, AMD's chief marketing officer.

"At virtually every price point, commercial PCs based on Vision Pro technology from AMD offer incredible value and the balanced platform performance needed to leverage today's visually oriented business applications," Dessau said in a statement.

AMD said the Vision Pro program will include such security features as the Trusted Platform Module, AMD's EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection) and offerings in Microsoft's Windows 7 Professional operating system.

Users also can support Windows XP applications using AMD's virtualization technology.

Lenovo officials said AMD's Vision Pro platform will be used in PCs aimed at SMBs, including their ultraportable ThinkPad X100e and their line of ThinkPad Edge laptops for small and midsize businesses.