AMDs Latest Athlon MP Could Be Its Last

The 2800+ could be the last of the Athlon MP upgrades as AMD moves forward with Opteron.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. on Tuesday is releasing the latest of its Athlon MP processors, the 2800+, designed for one- and two-way servers and workstations.

The 2800+, with increased Level 2 cache, could be the last of the Athlon MP upgrades, a company spokesman said, as AMD, of Sunnyvale, Calif., moves forward with its , which was launched last month.

Opteron, a one- to eight-way server chip built using AMDs 64-bit "Hammer" architecture, can run 32-bit applications as well as 64-applications. AMD officials eye Opteron as not only future competition for Intel Corp.s 64-bit Itanium chip but also its 32-bit Xeon processor.

In September, AMD will launch its 64-bit desktop chip, Athlon 64.

Pricing for the Athlon MP 2800+, which is available immediately, starts at $275 in 1,000-quantity units.

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