Dell, Alienware Merger Rumors Linger

Rumors persist as neither company will comment on a potential acquisition.

Both Dell and Alienware havent quite quashed rumors that the PC giant is out to purchase the boutique computer maker.

Representatives of both companies contacted March 14 and early March 15 declined to comment on any potential transactions, however.

Reports linking the two surfaced earlier this month. On March 1, VoodooPC chief Rahul Sood, a competitor of Alienware, speculated on his blog that Dell, looking to gain cachet in the boutique PC market, might be looking to buy Alienware. Since Dell couldnt crack the "cool factor" with its own brand, Sood wrote, the company would be forced to make an acquisition.

"Why the potential for a Dellienware and not another? Alienware is widely considered to be the volume leader in gaming, they have scale," Sood wrote.

Alienware representatives released a statement March 14 that apparently appreciated the attention the rumors have generated.

"At this time, Alienware will not comment on any speculative stories or rumors concerning Dell and Alienwares association," company officials said in the statement. "While we do believe that news stories like this are ultimately a strong positive reinforcement of the Alienware brand and the companys success, we will not comment on speculation or potential future events. As always, Alienware is committed to offering consumers and businesses with the best high-performance, innovative PC products on the market and we remain manically focused on that goal."

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