Dell Rolls Out Extreme Systems

Intel's new Pentium 4 Extreme chip aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts will power a new Dell desktop PC and workstation.

Dell Inc. on Monday is releasing a desktop PC and workstation powered by Intel Corp.s new Pentium 4 Extreme Edition chip.

Both Intel and rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in September rolled out chips aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts. At its developer conference, Intel, of Santa Clara, Calif., unveiled the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, a 3.2GHz chip that offers application-enhancing Hyper-Threading technology, 2MB of Level 3 cache and an 800MHz front-side bus. The following week, AMD, of Sunnyvale, Calif., introduced the AMD 64 FX-51, a 2.2GHz chip with a 128-bit dual-channel memory controller and 1MB of Level 2 cache.

Dell, of Round Rock, Texas, announced that it is offering the new Intel chip as an option for its Dimension XPS desktop, aimed at gamers, and the Precision 360 workstation for users working on such complex 2-D and 3-D tasks as engineering designing, animation and video editing. The one-way workstation includes various AGP 8X and SGP 8X Pro50 graphics options.

The new Dimension XPS includes a 460-watt power supply and comes with integrated RAID and Intel Pro/1000 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities, and memory and hard drive options.

"Any kind of high-end, processor-intensive application is going to benefit from the increased cache [of the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition]," said Dell spokesman Lionel Menchaca.