Finding Fault with Default

Opinion: Sun and Apple are at odds over the status of the file system for Leopard.

"You say goodbye, and I say hello," sang the Beatle-esque Baron of Babble as he pondered the contradictory tales spewing forth from Sun and Apple that stirred up the rumor mill last week.

First, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz reportedly told attendees at a Sun event in D.C. that Apple will incorporate Suns Zettabyte File System, or ZFS, as the default file system in its Leopard operating system. Then, faster than you can say "OpenSolaris," word came from Apples Worldwide Developer Conference that Brian Croll, Apples senior Mac OS marketing director, dissed Schwartzs claim and said Leopard will use Cupertinos current file system: HFS+.

After the dust settled, it seems both statements have merit. ZFS will supposedly be available in a limited "read-only" capacity in Leopard, for potential use down the line, but wont be the actual default file system for the new Mac OS. "Whew, Ive had an easier time trying to follow random episodes of Lost," groused the Grimalkin.

Alas, a stomach bug, and not just the ZFS story, also probably accounted for Spences swirling head. Fearing to venture too far from his litter box, the laid-up Lynx decided to stay home and catch up on his Tivo viewing. Soon, a call from a crony diverted the nauseous Nabob from trying to interpret the cryptic ending of "The Sopranos."

The caller said CAs former chief of sales, Stephen Richards, who is currently serving a seven-year jail term for his part in the software makers accounting scandal, has agreed to pay $29.7 million in restitution to shareholders. The crony said Richards payments will come from 15 percent of his future annual earnings after hes released from prison. "Sounds like any shareholders expecting payback soon should just fuggedaboudit," mused the made Mouser.

Tired with television, the rheumy-eyed Rumormonger jumped online and noted that Marc Andreessen seems to be the new darling of the bloggerazzi. The Netscape founders site is wowing readers with tips on hiring employees; venture capitalism; and the revelation that after 13 years of using a PC, Andreessen has switched back to using a Mac.

A friend of the Furball soon popped in with some hot soup and an amusing story making the rounds that claims Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer sent singer Madonna a free Microsoft Surface computer. All the rumors cited a posting on Madonnas blog,, stating that Ballmer sent the tabletop-screen computer to the Material Girl supposedly in appreciation of her recording a song called "Hey You" for the forthcoming Live Earth concert event.

The post touted Surfaces touch features and noted that Madonnas children liked finger painting on the device.

"The problem is, that blog is like the Fake Steve Jobs blog; its not written by Madonna. Its a faux blog," said the friend.

"Boy, thats a shame. I like the idea of Ballmer and Madonna being pals—think of the dance moves he could teach her!" cackled the Kitty.

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Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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