Flipping for HPs Handheld

No, not us. We haven't tried it. But Officemax's CEO certainly sounds impressed.

Hewlett-Packard has passed on to its employees a fan letter from the chairman and CEO of OfficeMax in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Michael Feuer writes that he was the first person ever pulled from a car by the Chester Township Fire Rescue Department, while operating a PC—an HP Jornada Pocket PC.

Feuer also may be the first person to check his e-mail while suspended upside down by a safety belt in a ravine. (If you had this same experience prior to Feuers, let us know and well set the record straight in our next issue.)

Feuer had been driving home on back roads in a snowstorm and lost control of his Jaguar. After dialing 911 on his cell phone, he grew bored.

"Every minute seemed like an hour," he wrote in the letter to HP. "In the interest of using my time to the best advantage, I opened my briefcase."

Neither Feuer nor the Jornada was injured, which is more than can be said for the car.

Feuer writes that the Jornada "works great" upside down. HP had no comment except to say that Feuer had written "a lovely letter."