Fujitsu, Pano Logic Partner on Desktop Virtualization

The Fujitsu Zero Client platform integrates Pano Logic's zero-client desktop virtualization technology and will be available later in March. Fujitsu announced the platform at CeBIT.

Fujitsu is coming out with a desktop virtualization offering based on Pano Logic's zero-client solution.

The Fujitsu Zero Client computing platform, announced March 2 at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany, will launch later in the month, according to the two companies.

Fujitsu's VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) product is a hardware and software platform that puts all the components of a PC-from the processor, memory and storage to the data, operating systems and applications-onto a centralized server running VMware virtualization technology.

Using Pano Logic technology, including Pano Manager software, Fujitsu connects the centralized server with the endpoint devices that sit on users' desks. Through the endpoint device-in this case, a monitor embedded with Pano Logic technology-a user gets access to a full Windows environment.

The goal of a zero-client desktop virtualization environment is to enable businesses to reduce the costs of their PC environments and to make them more efficient and secure, according to Pano Logic CEO John Kish.

"By incorporating the Pano Logic zero-client technology into monitors and fully centralizing desktop computing, Fujitsu is providing IT managers with a simple virtual desktop solution that significantly lowers overall total cost of ownership," Kish said in a statement.

Fujitsu's business customers are looking for ways to reduce costs and to begin making the jump to cloud computing, which the zero-client infrastructure enables, said Rajat Kakar, vice president of Fujitsu Technology Solutions' Clients Group.

"Our customers are seeking next-generation technologies that provide them access to computing over internal, private clouds and ultimately over public clouds and, together with Pano Logic, we have built a solution to address these changing needs," Kakar said in a statement.

The deal with Fujitsu is only the latest bit of good news for Pano Logic, which is competing with much larger rivals, including VMware, Citrix Systems and Microsoft, for traction in the crowded desktop virtualization space.

Pano Logic officials, in an attempt to highlight the differentiator of the company's zero-client architecture, on Feb. 24 unveiled the Zero Client Reference Architecture. The architecture is designed to let businesses see what the company has to offer and to compare it with desktop virtualization products from other vendors.

The same day, Pano Logic announced that it has received $20 million in Series C financing.