IBM Keeps up Tivoli Integration Drumbeat

IBM at next week's Developer Works conference will unveil a slew of new or enhanced offerings aimed at advancing IBM's on-demand computing initiative.

IBM next week at its Developer Works conference will keep up the Tivoli integration drumbeat with a series of enhancements and a handful of new offerings aimed at advancing IBMs on-demand computing initiative.

Among the 18 new or enhanced offerings, IBM will launch a new version of the IBM Directory Server and Directory Integrator—now under the Tivoli brand—that is integrated with the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager.

"Identity Manager integrated with the directory allows user directories to be synchronized and allows users to manage their passwords and other settings," said Jeff Dean, program director for Tivoli architecture and advanced technologies in Austin, Texas. That integration is key for systems integrators looking to target small to medium-sized businesses with new services. For example, Deloitte & Touche is building a SMB practice to help small businesses reduce costs associated with managing user IDs and passwords, according to Dean.

Also on tap next week is a new release of the IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager, which adds support for Automated Teller Machines, allowing operators to remotely configure those devices. Without the new Tivoli Configuration Manager for ATMs, such devices have to be configured directly by a technician.

IBM also created a new toolkit for third-party partners—software or services partners—that taps into its autonomic monitoring engine to allow different devices to be monitored and managed by the Tivoli Enterprise Console or other Tivoli monitoring tools. The Autonomic Toolkit, not due until Fall for general release, includes an Application Program Interface that allows ISVs to integrate monitoring of their products and provide a single sign-on capability through the Tivoli Access Manager.

A new version of the TEC finally brings long-awaited Web access, allowing operators to access the console through a browser. The Tivoli Service Level Advisor adds new reports, ease-of-use and productivity enhancements.

Dean asserted that its Tivoli products provide the kind of integration and openness required for on-demand computing in which processes are integrated across the enterprise, its partners and suppliers.

"To manage your operating environment effectively, you have to do more than manage IT resources or the identity structure. Tivoli brings comprehensive and integrated products to manage the whole thing, while recognizing you may have chosen (BMC Software Inc.s) Patrol or a Candle (Corp.) product," he said.

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