Intel, Asus Announce $199 Eee PC

Intel and Asus announce a partnership to develop a low-cost PC that will be marketed as a way to effectively mainstream computing to new customers, such as children, senior citizens and emerging nations. (

TAIPEI—Asus and Intel have teamed up to develop a $199 notebook PC, the companies announced here on June 5.

In a keynote address given by Sean Maloney, an executive vice president at Intel and chief marketing and sales officer, Jonney Shih, chairman and chief executive of Asus, was invited on stage to unveil the "Eee PC," an inexpensive laptop designed to help spread computing to poorer regions.

Two models were demonstrated: a $199 and $299 model. They represent part of what Intel is now calling its "World Ahead," market initiative, giving virtually anyone around the world a chance to own a PC.

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Rival AMD has had its own initiative, more dedicated to seeking partners in impoverished companies to provide low-cost computers, which it calls its "50x15" plan.

A shipping date was not announced for the new device. The Eee PC will apparently connect to the Internet, as it will allow users to make VOIP [voice over IP] calls, Asus Shih said.

"It will give them [people] the chance to access the Internet and share in the 21st century opportunity," Maloney added.

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