Intel Releases New Pentium M Chips

The chip maker rounds out its Pentium M processor family with two new models.

Intel Corp. on Wednesday rounded out its Pentium M chip line with the introduction of the 715 and 725 models.

The chips join three other models—the 735, 745 and 755—in the family of Pentium M processors once code-named Dothan. Built on the Santa Clara, Calif., companys 90-nanometer manufacturing process, the chips feature more memory cache than previous Pentium Ms while consuming the same amount of power. The first of the Dothan processors were introduced in May.


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Pentium M is the processor in Intels Centrino mobile computing package, which also includes a chip set and Wi-Fi module. Many wireless notebook manufacturers are offering devices with either the entire Centrino package or the Pentium M processor coupled with Wi-Fi connectivity from other vendors.

The new chips come in at lower frequencies than the other three—1.5GHz for the 715, 1.6GHz for the 725. The 735 runs at 1.7GHz, the 745 at 1.8GHz and the 755 at 2GHz. The new chips offer 2MB of Level 2 cache and a 400MHz system bus.

They also support Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology, which aims to increase battery life.

Pricing for the 715 and 725 start at $209 and $241 per 1,000-unit shipments, respectively.


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