Intel to Launch Sonoma Platform

Intel plans to unveil its next-generation "Sonoma" mobile platform at a launch event in San Francisco.

Intel Corp. will launch the next-generation "Sonoma" mobile platform on Jan. 19, according to an e-mailed announcement from the company.

At a launch event in San Francisco, Intel will unveil more than 80 notebooks using the technology, which includes the next-generation "Dothan" processor, the "Alviso" chip set, and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. Of note is a faster 533MHz bus, the use of DDR-2 memory, and the PCI Express connection built in to Intels desktop systems.

/zimages/3/28571.gifRead what Intel CEO Craig Barret has to say about Sonoma.

The Sonoma platform is part of Intels "Centrino" brand, which includes the Pentium M processor, the chip set and Wi-Fi card. Wile Intel has enjoyed a relative monopoly in the thin-and-light notebook space, rival Advanced Micro Devices new Turion processor, due later this year, will offer a new challenge to Intels dominance.

/zimages/3/28571.gifIntel and others touted new chips at the Consumer Electronics Show. Read about them here.

The new Sonoma platform is not expected to offer greater battery life than its predecessors because of the use of the PCI Express bus, which itself consumes too much power to extend the systems battery life.

Intel began showing off some of the new systems at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week ahead of the launch.

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