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No doubt about it, communication is key in this ever-shrinking global village.

No doubt about it, communication is key in this ever-shrinking global village. Folks may fuss over VOIP, Wi-Fi, or tin cans and string, but Spencer F. Katt knows nothing works better than COAP (Chatting over Alcohol Protocol).

Downing sake martinis in San Francisco, the Lynx loosened the lips of a tattler who claimed HP Linux executives are mulling extending the companys offer to defend Linux users sued by The SCO Group to non-HP customers. HP has already said it will indemnify its own customers as long as they meet several conditions, including handing over their defense to HPs legal team. The tattler claimed if HP decides to play guardian angel to non-HP customers, the Bay area behemoth would ask the defendants to switch to HP gear. It reminded Spence of his childhood as a kitten when the toughest tabby on the block offered to protect him from a pack of vicious dogs in return for his lunch money.

Spence scarfed the olive, hailed a cab and was off to SFO for the red-eye to D.C. and the Charles Schwab Telecom Summit. In the Fairmont Hotels bar, the Katt tossed aside his phone jack in favor of a glass of Jack as he chatted up a smooth operator in the know about Nextel. It seems the recent defections at Nextel of cell phone pioneer Craig McCaw and Nextel founder Morgan OBrien have fueled speculation that the company is about to be sold or will acquire another carrier. But with other carriers getting heavily into push-to-talk, Nextels edge is dulling. Whats more, Nextels spectrum portfolio continues to be less than ideal, and oft- mentioned suitor MCI is still extricating itself from bankruptcy, the source summarized.

As last call neared, Spencers switchboard-savvy sidekick claimed that Verizons upcoming VOIP plans are viewed by the company as a second-line offering, not something that folks would rely on for all communications. Looking for new revenue streams, Verizon is said to be testing fiber to the curb, fiber to the home and wireless options.

According to the telecom tattler, some industry watchers question whether the Bells have serious plans for VOIP. Considering that it would cannibalize traditional voice services, speculators think any Bell-ringing concerning VOIP may be just a busy signal to keep regulators and customers on hold.

The Maven of Murmur meandered home in time to imbibe mimosas with a Microsoft watcher who claimed Redmond is asking folks who have posted photos and video clips of Bill and Steves Comdex "Matrix" spoof to pull them from their Web sites. The reason? The postings violate the "rule" limiting flash photography to the first minute of a Bill Gates speech. "Even Jack Valente would have let this one go," cackled the Kitty.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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