MPC Packs Power Into Smaller Desktop

The all-in-one commercial desktop PC is designed to offer high performance in a small package.

MPC Computers LLC next month will start shipping an all-in-one commercial desktop PC designed to offer high performance in a small package.

MPCs ClientPro All-in-One will come with a 17-inch LCD screen that is 1.9 inches thick and stands less than 9 inches tall, but will also be powered by a Pentium 4 chip up to 3.06GHz, a 533MHz front-side bus, up to 1GB of memory and 40GB to 120GB of hard drive capability. It also will include an integrated wireless antenna, according to officials with the Nampa, Idaho, company.

Shawn Adams, product marketing manager at MPC, said demand for a smaller desktop is coming primarily from the companys government and medical customers.

"This truly leads to space-saving for their employees, which results in more employees in one space or more space in an office," Adams said.

The All-in-One, which starts shipping Aug. 8 but will be introduced on Monday, also comes with a television tuner, enabling enterprises to bring TV reception into the product via cable, he said.

In late August or early September, MPC will introduce a wall mount for the All-in-One, enabling businesses to take the PC off the desktop and secure it to a wall, Adams said. The new desktop also comes with an optional service upgrade of $149, called the Advanced Exchange, which guarantees a damaged desktop will be up and running within one day.

An All-in-One with a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, 256MB of memory, five USB 2.0 ports and integrated 10/100 Ethernet capability is $1,699.

MPC officials say the All-in-One is part of an overall plan to use the money generated from seven consecutive profitable quarters to expand its product offerings. The company this year has aggressively been filling out its NetFrame server series and its DataFrame storage product line, as well as offering notebooks with the latest Intel Corp. technology.