Nanotech Goes Mainstream

The commoditization of nanotechnology seems to be well under way.

The need for accurate measurement and process control was a pervasive theme at this months Nanotech conference and trade show in Anaheim, Calif.

I spoke there with Matthew Laudon, executive director of conference organizer Nano Science and Technology Institute, about the nanotech communitys convergence on this concern. In early years, Laudon said, there was much less sense of shared interests among, for example, cancer researchers and materials scientists. This year, he said, the nanotech industries seem to be more aware of their common core requirements.

The commoditization of nanotechnology seemed to be well under way, with conference exhibitor Cheap Tubes promising: "We search the world for the highest quality, lowest cost Carbon Nanotubes so YOU dont have to!!!" When a Web page sales pitch has three exclamation points, nanotech has arguably ceased to be a fringe or even exotic discipline but has rather become just the hardware store for next-generation products.


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