Readers Respond: Thin Clients, Take Two

Readers respond to the eWEEK article, "Thin Clients: Take Two."

I enjoyed Anne Chens May 8 article, "Thin Clients: Take Two." It would be a great follow-up to do an article on server requirements.

How many Terminal Server clients can a run-of-the-mill server support, and what kind of performance can be expected? How many clients on a two-processor HP ProLiant DL380 with 4GB of memory? I am waiting on pins and needles. ...

Michael Gruver
TWT Distributing
Charlotte, N.C.

Were a nonprofit social services organization. Providing a computer to each of our 500 or so employees has always been a huge challenge for us financially. In fact, until recently, our staffers were accustomed to sharing computers—at some locations, as many as 10 employees shared one workstation.

I felt like I was going out on a limb [with thin clients], but with HIPAA requirements looming and the need to provide 100 percent access to our developing [electronic medical records], we saw thin clients as the only viable way to meet the challenge.

We did run into some network problems but were able to optimize our VPN WAN without increasing cost. I used my PC replacement budget to put a machine on the desk of every full-time employee. We ended up replacing 90 percent of our existing PCs with thin clients and adding about 200 more.

Nate McAlmond
IT Director
LifeWorks Northwest