Via Wins Round in Legal Battle vs. Intel

Via says ruling in U.K. court marks a significant win in the chip maker's ongoing legal dispute with Intel.

Taiwan-based chip maker Via Technologies is hailing a ruling in a U.K. court a significant win in the companys ongoing legal dispute with Intel Corp.

According to Via, the English Court of Appeal agreed that Intel, of Santa Clara, Calif., is acting in an anticompetitive manner in the processor market and that those allegations should go to trial.

In 2001, Intel filed suit against Via in several countries, including the United States and England, saying that the companys Apollo P4X266 chip set violated Intel patents.

In August 2001, Intel reportedly warned computer makers to steer clear of the new chip set, saying that they risked being entangled in costly legal battles. Vias chip set was the first to support Intels Pentium 4 chip, but Intel claimed that Via, of Taipei, Taiwan, was not licensed to sell technology compatible with Pentium 4.

In defense, Via claimed Intel was guilty of anticompetitive conduct. Intel in April successfully asked the English High Court to dismiss Vias claims, but the appeals court overturned the lower courts ruling, Via said Monday.

Intel officials were not available for comment Monday.