Introduction to Google on GARD

Hi, Some of you may remember me from my days writing for the E-Piphanies blog now so ably managed by Stephen Wellman and Jack Margo. I will now be following in the footsteps of the inestimable Clint Boulton, and I will do my best to maintain his high standards. Now, I do know that guard isn't spelled GARD, but the title of this post doesn't contain a type-o.

The best service that a blog like Google Watch can provide is to pay attention to everything Google does and become a forum for all of us, myself included, to discuss to it all. Hence, Google Attention and Reaction District (GARD). And as I'm sure you'll all agree, there's a lot to "guard" against where the likes of Google is concerned. It's newly-admitted venture into telephony (we all knew this was coming, right?) is definitely something we want to watch. Unlike many Google initiatives, which are about throwing spaghetti and seeing what sticks, Google Voice, like Google Apps Premier Edition, is a deliberate and strategic move that Google will use to centralize all the information in the world about... us. Assuming the service itself is good, is that a trade-off you're willing to make? Be part of the advance GARD and tell us know what you think.