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Google is Porting Picasa to Linux

Yes, it's true. They're working with codeweavers. And while it's not a full port (they're using Wine), it raises quite a few eyebrows: Google and CodeWeavers Inc. are working together to bring Google's popular Windows Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux. The program is now in...

20% of Google's Income is from Interest, Same as Yahoo's in 2000?

On the news Barron's predicting a possible 50% drop in Google shares, here's an interesting article in the WSJ that I don't see many paying attention to online. The headline is as witty as it is accurate: New Key Word for Google: Interest. Fourth-quarter net interest income was $70.2 million,

TVEyes Open

Sure, video search specialist TVEyes kicks Google's butt, feature-wise. But can it, or any search start-up for that matter, emerge from Google's shadow?

The Google Phone: The Next Big Thing?

The "deck", in cell phone speak, is the features menu that appears after turning on the phone's Internet connection. Now comes a report warning cell phone operators better not let Google get its features on deck, because the carriers will get steamrolled in the process. The seemingly innocent...

Google Enemies List Update

The World Association of Newspapers has made it official: a lot of newspapers hate Google too. Like a lot of people in the news business, WAN is irked at how news outfits never see a penny of the ad revenues that companies like Google generate by redistributing their hard work.

A Minute With Alec Muffett

Muffett found a rather easy way around the censorship software Google's using on its newest search engine in China. EWEEK'S GOOGLE WATCH: How did you figure out all you needed to do was enter search terms in capital letters? Was the cap key stuck and you didn't notice? Muffett "A

The Cell Phone Effect

Perhaps Google's Billionaire Boys Club ought to seek out advice from Jorma Ollila, the chief executive of Nokia. He's also running a company that's spoiled investors with incredible balance sheet after incredible balance sheet. Nokia's stock price too gets buffeted when the company misses some...

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