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Google Stops Turning The Page

Google's Web page maker meant for the regular guy, the one that doesn't know what HTML is, can be downloaded here. But wait a little while, Google says for now it has run out of capacity for any more accounts. "We decided in advance to limit the number of

SAP Working On Enterprise Search Zapper

SAP says it may enhance its NetWeaver line-up of corporate computing features with a powerful new search technique. "Bottom line is that this is an area we are examining, as we are doing with many areas related to business intelligence, but customer needs will dictate what actually is added...

New Google Goo For Business Desktops

Google Inc. has released a new version of its computer desktop search feature aimed at businesses. It's available here. The feature is free, but it comes with options that aren't. The new release, in beta, lets IT network administrators shut down any of the features. That includes controversial...

A New Knight For Knight Ridder

News publisher MediaNews Group has emerged as a candidate to buy Knight Ridder, an elite U.S. newspaper chain, says a source. It's a potentially volatile mix, when comparing the respective views about the Internet. Knight Ridder was among the first of the nation's elite newspaper publishers...

Mashup Camp: No Agenda Necessary

In search of an agenda at this Silicon Valley event? You won't find one.

Google Partners with BearingPoint

Your employees use Google all day long anyay, so why not extend the familiar interface and capability to your entire enterprise. It's not a question. This is one more feather in Google's search dominance cap. (God, what an awful metaphor. I might as well have said "Google puts

How Presumptive of You, Google

Attorney Richard Wageman has been in China a lot longer than Google. He works for Lehman, Lee & Xu, a Chinese law firm. His is a rather refreshing view of Google goings on in China, where it's agreed to censor search results in order to operate a Web site from

Google is Porting Picasa to Linux

Yes, it's true. They're working with codeweavers. And while it's not a full port (they're using Wine), it raises quite a few eyebrows: Google and CodeWeavers Inc. are working together to bring Google's popular Windows Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux. The program is now in...

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