eWEEK Labs Wish List for 2004

Labs analysts wish for platform neutrality by default, real security awareness and more in 2004.

Platform neutrality by default
Its time for vendors and service providers to recognize that we live in a technologically diverse world, particularly when it comes to the Internet.

Real security awareness
We hope that 2004 is the year that companies take security seriously and treat it as an important part of their infrastructure—not just a cost center.

Tools for privacy and anonymity
To preserve personal privacy and secure user identities, we need more easy-to-use, reliable and anonymous Web surfing tools.

File format compatibility
Wed love to see IT users take up the cause of producing and distributing their work in formats that are defined by open standards.

Onshore Call Centers
More companies should take Dells lead in pulling customer support call centers from offshore. Companies may cut costs in the short term by moving jobs overseas, but the long-term costs are customer satisfaction and retention.

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