Fujitsu to Ship PrimePower with McAfee Entercept

Combining the high-end Unix systems with McAfee's security tool will give users peace of mind, Fujitsu says.

Fujitsu Computer Systems is shipping its PrimePower servers with McAfee Inc.s intrusion prevention software Entercept.

Combining the high-end Unix systems with McAfees security offering will benefit users who rely on the PrimePower systems for their mission-critical applications, said Richard McCormack, senior vice president of product and solutions marketing for Fujitsu Computer Systems Corp., a subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd. based in Sunnyvale, Calif.

"For the Fujitsu customer, having this type of security gives them a peace of mind," McCormack said.

"PrimePower servers need maximum uptime and reliability."

The companies announced the partnership Monday.

Among the key features of Entercept are the combination of behavioral and signature protection, the ability to manage thousands of agents from a single console, and customizable policies for greater accuracy in detection, said McCormack and Candace Worley, director of security product management for McAfee, of Santa Clara, Calif.

Those features will ease IT administrators worries about security in the data center, Worley said.

"It gives the customer a lot of confidence that the system theyre introducing into their environment is secure," she said.

McCormack said that McAfees technology can run on Fujitsus other line of systems, the Intel-based Primergy and PrimeQuest, but that its now optimized for PrimePower.

Those systems are based on Fujitsus SPARC64 processors and run Sun Microsystems Inc.s Solaris operating system. PrimePower systems run from two to 128 processors.

Theyll gradually be phased out, starting in the middle of next year, when Fujitsu and Sun begin to roll out a joint line of SPARC-based systems, called the Advanced Product Line.


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