He Left His Heart With WorldCom

"I like Satchmo's version of this tune better," mused the Mouser, who then was startled to notice an MCI logo appear at the end of the spot.

"I like Satchmos version of this tune better," mused the Mouser, who then was startled to notice an MCI logo appear at the end of the spot. Spence knew hed mindlessly viewed the ad before but always assumed it was for IBM or feminine-hygiene products. "Do any of you folks realize who or what MCI is?" the Kitty queried his compadres, none of whom follows the tech industry.

"A phone service" and "Didnt Candice Bergen do its ads ... or was that Sprint?" were the typical replies. The Kitty scoffed when Mike Capellas first order of business was to change the WorldCom name back to MCI, but now it seemed like sheer genius. "Maybe Enron should just change its name to Oprah and run ads with Walking on Sunshine as the soundtrack," hissed His Hirsuteness.

Having fully depressed his fellow partygoers, the Kitty bid his friends adieu and grabbed a cab home. During the ride, El Gato received a call from a smooth operator in D.C., who claimed sources in Baghdad say its doubtful that Iraqs newly appointed telecom regulatory commission will complete its proposed law to govern communications by the end of next month.

Evidently, except for a short powwow in Jordan recently, American telecom experts have had little face time with Iraqis from the Ministry of Communications. Coalition authorities have been slowly etching out a road map for telecom funding that will eventually include public spending and perhaps some incentives for private investment. Prior to regime change, the telephone network was fully state- operated. Now, according to the Green Zone gossip, the wire-line industry in the northern part of the country is being bogged down by a pastiche of government and family businesses intermixing, making it difficult to encourage a competitive, user-friendly market. "Maybe they should hire Mike Capellas—or bring back Baghdad Bob to handle PR," cackled the Kitty.

Arriving home in time to hear from a crony that CA may be set to acquire identity management player Netegrity, the Katt chuckled, "Why not a name change, too."

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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