Katt Cries: Unchain My Art!

With some kinds of entertainment, less protection is better.

"What provides folks with the illusion of comfort and security?" Mused the Mouser. "Firewalls? Teddy bears? Locks and chains?" Lately, El Gato has been comforted by old movies on DVD, so the retro Rumor Monger went out for a DVD of the 1956 version of "Around the World in 80 Days." Alas, when the Kitty noted the fine print on the package, which states that the DVD wont play on a Mac, he put the movie back. "Hard-medium entertainment products like DVDs should play on any machine available," fumed the Furball. "Its bad enough Net music services are building format fences around downloads." Even Sony, new to the online music biz, is selling music downloads that play only on Sony devices.

The Kitty was feeling insecure about his future entertainment choices when he got a call from a security maven who claimed that many of the recent layoffs at McAfee (formerly NAI) were salespeople. The company attributed the layoffs to the final divestiture of its Sniffer product line but has kept many of the details of the reorganization close to its vest. McAfee also announced that Corel veteran David Roberts will oversee its North American channels, which could use some pumping up, said the crony, adding that the recent layoffs may have sent several channel managers packing. One message from McAfee is clear, however, claimed the pal: The rumor late last month that the company was up for sale and that Microsoft was the potential buyer was officially denounced as untrue by a company spokesperson.

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Still seeking fun, Spence went to www.pathelland.com to view a music video with a chorus that begins "Bye, Bye Mr. CIO-Guy," done by a member of Microsofts Architecture Strategy Team at the vendors recent Tech Ed Europe event. The lyrics, sung to the tune of "American Pie," were created in response to Nicholas Carrs Harvard Business Review paper "IT Doesnt Matter" and comically examine "The day that I-T died." Microsofts Don Box and IT guru David Chappell provide the music. "Mmm," cackled the Kitty, "Don McLean might distance himself from this version of his song faster than Dell denied stories it would sell Linux-loaded boxes in Europe!" Just then, a buddy IMed His Hirsuteness, claiming the latest filter workaround from spammers may not be just random words but lame jokes, the sort people send all day. "Good," laughed the Lynx. "Maybe thisll prompt a filter that will block the fossilized humor thats been forwarded since the dawn of the Net." The pal also joked about a recent press release promoting Mail-Filters.com that says its founder came up with the companys anti-spam products after finding his son viewing porn online instead of doing homework. "I guess depravity is the mother of invention," cackled the crony.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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