Malware Mashup is Monstrous

Attackers phish for Monster users; Ellison aces real estate deal.

"They did the mash, they did the monster mash," droned the dulcet-toned Drudge as a pal told him about the ongoing attacks against and its users.

The employment Web site itself claims the attack is called "Infostealer.Monstres," but security experts say it isnt just a vanilla hack, but rather a malware mashup that includes data theft, phishing and Trojan horse attacks. Armed with the contact information from Monsters employer accounts, the resume robbers have launched phishing attacks on Monster users. The pal said that, a resume posting site for federal jobs that uses Monsters technology, has also been breached. "Me-ouch—folks usually arent exposed to that kind of corruption until after they get a government job," guffawed the Grimalkin.

Spence and his pal cursed the annual September invasion of college students to Beantown as they dodged an overloaded U-Haul truck that swerved onto the curb in front of them. The duo soon ducked into Crossroads Irish Pub in Bostons Back Bay, more to escape the collegiate chaos than to simply imbibe. After ordering a round, the pal told Spence that Oracle boss Larry Ellison reportedly bought the Malibu Racquet Club recently.

"Big deal. When he isnt buying tech companies, Larrys been buying chunks of Malibu, no?" queried the Kitty. The pal acknowledged that Larry had indeed been buying restaurants and real estate in Malibu, but this time rumor has it that Larry wants to team up with former tennis star John McEnroe to turn the club into a world-class tennis academy. "If true, dya think both their egos could fit on the court?" laughed the Lynx. The pal also asked Spence if hed checked out, a faux blog in the style of the popular FakeSteveJobs blog. "Yeah. My favorite entry had Fake Larry detailing how he grows bonsai marijuana plants," said Spence.

The pal quickly changed the subject to Microsoft and said the Redmondians were expected to launch their communications suite, featuring Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Oct. 16. As he signaled the bartender for a second round, the Furballs friend noted that Apple founder Steve Wozniak was nabbed earlier this year by the California Highway Patrol for driving 104 mph in a Toyota Prius. "Maybe he was just preparing for the possible G-forces hell feel when his co-pilot Buzz Aldrin takes the wheel for their planned expedition to the South Pole in a hydrogen-powered Hummer this December," cackled the Kitty.

The pal also mentioned something else involving Wozniak that moved fast: The Young Woz and Jobs custom Lego-style play set. According to the Web site, makers of the toy, the play set went on sale Aug. 29 and sold out two days later. "Thats OK. Im holding out until they come up with a Young Gil Amelio and Ellen Hancock play set," mused the Mouser.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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