RIM, Feds Team on Wireless Security

Research In Motion is providing the National Security Agency with a customized version of its BlackBerry software.

Research In Motion Ltd. on Monday announced that the company is working with the National Security Agency to support S/MIME (secure/multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) on the RIM BlackBerry wireless e-mail platform.

RIM is providing NSA with a customized version of BlackBerry software with S/MIME support, said officials at RIM in Waterloo, Ontario.

S/MIME is an e-mail security protocol designed to meet stringent security standards of government organizations. It extends the security of existing mail systems with writer-to-reader encryption and allows for secure communications among individuals in different organizations running similar or different e-mail systems.

For its non-government customers, the BlackBerry platform supports Triple DES encryption in the companys Enterprise Edition, which uses software that sits behind a customers corporate firewall.

RIMs Internet edition, which is hosted by a service provider and designed for individual users, sends data unencrypted.

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