Sonys DRM Rootkit Comes in Mac Flavor, Too

Opinion: Sony says it will discontinue distribution of its DRM software, which could pose a "rootkit" security threat to users. But does that include the OS X version? (Security IT Hub)

Sony is reportedly pulling its digital rights management "rootkit" from the market. But it isnt reporting everything.

"The Sony copy-protection software does not install itself on Macintosh computers or ordinary CD and DVD players," Reuters reported today.

Theres just one problem with that statement: it happens to be flat-out wrong.

While the XCP version of copy protection is for Windows, there is another Mac-only version of copy protection installed by Sony/BMG CDs.

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To establish this point, one simply has to refer to a poster on the popular Macintosh site MacInTouch.

The poster notes that Imogen Heaps new CD, "Speak for Yourself," on RCA Victor (a BMG subsidiary), has an extra partition for "enhanced" content. Along with Windows files, there is a Mac file present called ""

When run, a EULA is first displayed (which does inform the user that software is going to be installed without saying exactly what that software will do).

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