Symantecs Hosted Mail Security Offers Off-Site Protection

A Web-based management interface gives customers access to policy controls for blocking specific types of attachments, as well as subject and message body filtering.

Symantec Corp. on Wednesday announced its new Symantec Hosted Mail Security to provide enterprises with off-site protection against spam, viruses and other malicious traffic.

The company adds the offering to a line of enterprise e-mail security products, including both its software and appliance-based solutions.

"Now we have a hosted format for customers who dont want to deal with the software or hardware hassles, said Chris Miller, director of product management at Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec.

"They dont have to install any software or servers, and we do the scanning. Its all done for them."

Hosted Mail Security wraps together the companys anti-spam and anti-virus technology, as well as Symantec Security Response, the companys six worldwide labs that identify threats and update virus and spam definitions.

By hosting the solution for the customer, e-mail is routed through Symantec and filtered prior to reaching the corporate network.

"Customer demands have changed over the past couple years, especially as security and compliance problems have increased," said Miller.

"There is more of a demand for different types of solutions to solve their e-mail security problems, and smaller organizations in particular are saying they want us to do it for them."

Though the solution is hosted by Symantec, Miller said customers retain full control over their e-mail and security policies.

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A Web-based management interface gives them access to policy controls for blocking specific types of attachments, as well as subject and message body filtering.

They can also manage quarantined and spam-blocked mail, and customize block and allow lists from the management console.

"Theyve got the same user experience, if you will, as all of our other security solutions," said Miller. "Its just a different form factor."

Hosted Mail Security is immediately available and is priced at about $34 per user for a 10-user implementation.

The licensing prices are the same per user as Symantecs appliance and software solutions.

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"Weve rounded out our offerings. We have three options for our customers, who can now choose what solutions fit their environment," said Miller.

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