Verisign Sets Up Panel to Review Sitefinder

VeriSign executives last week defended the SiteFinder Internet service.

VeriSign executives last week defended the SiteFinder Internet service, which was suspended two weeks ago, arguing that it does not destabilize the Internet and that the company would not profit from the service unless there were a consumer need for it.

In response to criticism that the service interfered with enterprise applications, VeriSign set up a technology review panel, which will study the matter. VeriSign had notified the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and the U.S. Department of Commerce of its intent to initiate the service a few days prior to launch, according to Russell Lewis, executive vice president and general manager at VeriSign.

Since SiteFinder was launched Sept. 15, there have been complaints that the program interfered with enterprise applications, including e-mail and spam filters. VeriSign executives said last week that cases in which applications were affected were rare and that they occurred when applications were not written in strict compliance with Internet standards. They downplayed the impact on spam filters, arguing that the affected filters are not an efficient means of combating spam.