Virtual Tradeshow to Address Top Security Threats

Ziff Davis Media eSeminars division is launching the Security Virtual Tradeshow on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, bringing together top security experts in the technology industry for a live, two-day online event.

Cyber-crime is running amok.

Hackers are continuously finding new ways to break into corporate networks and steal proprietary and sensitive data. Virus writers are elevating their technology prowess, creating new worms and bugs that can sneak onto your desktop or through a network firewall and wreak havoc on your IT infrastructure.

To address those issues, Ziff Davis Media eSeminars division is launching the Security Virtual Tradeshow on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, bringing together top security experts in the technology industry for a live, two-day online event focused exclusively on the most pressing IT security issues.

Through a series of keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions featuring government officials, IT corporate executives and leading industry analysts, this event promises to educate IT managers on the growing threats facing their computer systems and then supply the necessary action items to help safeguard against any future attacks.

The Security Virtual Tradeshow is set up much like an in-person tradeshow, granting registrants the ability not only to listen to the live keynote and panel presentations, but also to ask direct questions to the panelists. Attendees also will be able to visit virtual vendor booths, where they can interact with vendor representatives in a real-time format and gain access to product and marketing information.

Each day will start off with a high-profile keynote presentation, which will be followed by three panel presentations. During the course of two days, security experts will outline the current threats and give their thoughts on the technologies and measures that need to be deployed to detect and prevent such attacks.

Daniel Larkin, chief of the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center, will kick off the first day of the tradeshow with his keynote presentation, "Cyber-Crime Running Rampant."

Larkin will discuss the magnitude of current cyber-threats that face individuals as well as corporations. He also will outline in detail what the FBI has already done and what it plans to do to thwart such crimes and protect computer users going forward.

Following Larkins address will be three editorial panel discussions: "Inside the Head of a Hacker," "How Safe Is Your Network" and "The Risks and Rewards of Windows XP SP2."

During those discussions, top executives from solution providers, analysts—representing some of the leading research firms such as Aberdeen Group Inc. of Boston and Forrester Research Inc. of Cambridge, Mass.—and government officials from the Department of Justice and the FBI will discuss where they see the biggest IT threats and what can be done to stop them. Audience polling will be conducted throughout each discussion, which will conclude with a live question-and-answer session.

The second day of the Security Virtual Tradeshow will begin with "A Brave New Wireless World," a keynote presentation by the co-founder and former chairman of the Wi-Fi Alliance, David Cohen. In this presentation, Cohen will discuss the plethora of new security concerns, spammer techniques and technology innovations as they relate to wireless computing.

He also plans to touch upon the Federal Communications Commissions stance on unsolicited messages and domain name disclosure. Again, there will be an opportunity for live audience interaction in the form of polling questions and a question-and-answer period.

Much like the first day of the event, following Cohens address will be a series of panel presentations. The first panel will be "Wireless Road Rules for Road Warriors," where a panel of wireless experts will discuss the current state of Wi-Fi hot spots and the security issues involved.

In the next session, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and CEO and chairman of Wheels of Zeus, will headline "Mobile Device Infiltration Opens Security Wounds," a panel discussion that will center on protecting data in mobile devices such as PDAs, smart phones and laptops, in the form of policies, procedures and technology solutions.

The final session of the day, "Protecting VOIP from Hackers, Spoofers and Malicious Threats," will address the current threats involved with VOIP technology and how embracing this technology can open up the floodgates for hackers to infiltrate phone conversations and steal confidential data just as if they broke into an IT system.


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