Virus Spitfires

Virus writers dis entangle.

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Is a virus writer just a lone wolf firing off malicious code? The authors of recent attacks dont appear to be. Text extracted by security firm Central Command from within the code of the big MyDoom, Bagle, and Netsky worms revealed authors responding directly to each other, which could be why virus variants are emerging so rapidly.

The following text was in the code of the Bagle "J" variant: "Hey, NetSky, off you b**ch, dont ruine our bussiness, wanna start a war?" The "F" variant of the Netsky worm countered, "Bagle - you are a looser!!!!"

Many more insult exchanges have appeared. Does the mudslinging show only that virus writers are poor spellers? Not according to Central Command VP Steven Sundermeier. "It appears to be a war over power and seniority among these authors," he says. "The short period of time between releases is a direct attack on the response times of antivirus companies, a strain on IT professionals, and a financial strain on businesses." Virus writers dont need to work together to form what is, effectively, a gang.