Anturis System Monitoring Package Quickly Discovers Server Problems - Page 2

Next you'll see a very nice-looking user interface that includes a control panel on the left with your monitors and infrastructures listed, and then icons in the main area of your components. What I saw was my Web server listed on the left as well as an icon for it in the main area. Clicking on the Web server listing brought up a large page filled with the results of my monitoring session. (Check out the slide show for a screen capture.)

Over the course of the month, Anturis did indeed detect some problems with my site: one when it tried to connect but the connection timed out, and another time when it tried to retrieve the root page, but instead received a 404 error. I was unaware of either problem. Anturis automatically sends daily status emails, so I was alerted to the problems and so was able to investigate and resolve them. Since this is a site that I actually use professionally, Anturis didn't just serve as material for a review in eWEEK, but it helped me with an actual problem with my main work.

Next, because I use MySQL for a lot of work, I tried out the Anturis MySQL monitor. For this to work, you have to install special agent software on your server. There's a certain level of trust here, since I didn't really know what the agent would be doing. But considering the track record of the Anturis founders, I wasn't concerned. Also, the company says they'll give you the source code if you ask for it, probably to give you assurance that there is nothing malicious in it. I felt comfortable installing it, even though I'm usually quite paranoid.

The agent software includes both Windows and Linux versions. The Linux version is a shell script that in turn downloads the software. The only catch here is that I was sitting at my own desktop, logged into the Anturis site, but I needed the software on my server. So I logged into the server and then downloaded the Anturis agent software. It was no big deal (and somewhat obvious), but it did mean the steps on the Website weren't exactly clear.

The agent software includes its own desktop GUI that you can use for configuring it, including supplying the username and password to your Anturis account. At first I mistakenly put in the username and password for my MySQL installation.