Anturis System Monitoring Package Quickly Discovers Server Problems - Page 3

After starting up Process Monitor and noticing the TCP activity to Anturis' servers, it occurred to me that I should be putting in my Anturis login information.

Once I supplied the correct information, the agent connected. I returned to my Anturis Web-based control panel from my local desktop and clicked Next in the wizard, and there was the agent name. It automatically determined the type of server (Windows Server 2008 R2 x64). I then clicked "Next," and now this is where I supply the MySQL login information.

Remember, I'm now connected to the Anturis end and it needs my MySQL login information. Again, there's a certain trust level here. This one is a bit more serious, though, as Anturis is apparently saving my database credentials in my account on its server. It would seem that the agent software I installed on my server could also save the MySQL login information locally; that way I'm not storing it on external sites. Next in the wizard I was given a large list of items I can monitor, including the slow queries rate, heavy join rate, Innodb buffer pool usage, connection usage and more.

Right away I saw some errors come up—not problems with the setup, but problems that Anturis immediately detected in my MySQL installation. I guess my MySQL administration skills need a bit of tuning. One error was the innodb buffer pool miss rate is 22.8 percent when it should be less than 20 percent. Another was that the thread cache miss rate was 25 percent, and it also should be less than 20 percent. Again Anturis helped me solve some problems. I definitely like this product.


Anturis is positioning itself between the big, expensive monitoring systems for huge corporations and the free and open-source products. One claim it makes is that the open-source ones require a lot of knowledge and configuration. From my experience that's true.

Configuring Anturis proved to be incredibly easy. And as you can see, right away it helped me find problems with my server that I needed to fix. Considering I'm hosting some of my client Websites on my server, this is going to prove important to my own work, and not just for my review-writing work here at eWEEK.

Needless to say, that makes me very happy. Although we don't yet know the pricing schedule, I can say that I'm very impressed and can highly recommend this product. So much so, that I will continue using it myself.