ASF Releases Apache Lenya Update

Version 1.2.2 of the open-source content management system includes improved collaboration tools, editing tools which allow publication to browsers, and a multilingual user interface.

The Apache Software Foundations Lenya development community yesterday announced an update to its open-source content management system.

Apache Lenya 1.2.2 updates and now ships with OSCOMs (Open-Source Content Managements) Kupu, a Javascript editor for Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer, and BXE (Bitflux Editor), a browser-based XML editor, as well as Apache Cocoon, the Foundations Web development framework on which Lenya is based.

The release also ironed out several bugs and added Dutch and Japanese translation within the user interface.

Apache Lenya, which is written in Java and based on open standards, brings together various tools from the Apache software stack, notably Cocoon, for a complete open-source content management system.

The XML architecture, as the basis for managing content, allows users to target content to numerous devices and avoid document or data lock-in.

The goal of the Lenya project is to "provide commercial-quality, high-performance, well-tested, standards-based XML editing environments that are developed in an open and collaborative fashion."

/zimages/6/28571.gifTo read about the Apache Software Foundations decision to shut down its Project Avalon, click here.

Lenya 1.2.2 provides a series of editing tools out of the box, including Kupu, which allow publication to various browsers. A workflow engine keeps tabs on changes and facilitates collaboration, pages can be created and deployed in multiple languages, and the user interface itself is now optimized for seven languages. Layout and site management tools allow for straightforward publication, reuse, link and asset management.

This is the second maintenance release since Lenya 1.2 debuted in June 2004 and is available immediately under the Apache Software License 2.0. The next version of Lenya, 1.4, is scheduled for release this spring.

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