Coming Soon to Centrino Notebooks—Linux-2

System makers will ship low-cost Linux notebooks in the coming weeks. has announced a new version of its Linux operating system with support for portable computers based on the Intel Centrino platform. Although few observers see an immediate threat to Microsofts operating system franchise, according to officials, making Linux available on cost-effective notebooks has been a big request from PC manufacturers. The first Centrino systems with LindowsOS Laptop Edition will begin shipping in the late-March to early-April time frame.

The new operating system is the first flavor of Linux to become available for Centrino notebooks. Michael Robertson, founder and CEO of, says manufacturers will offer $199 desktop PCs and $799 notebook systems preloaded with LindowsOS. While several hardware makers have agreed to ship Centrino-based LindowsOS notebooks in coming weeks, no names will be announced until early March. introduced LindowsOS Laptop Edition at the beginning of the year, and several notebooks now ship with the operating system. A Wi-Fi notebook based on an AMD 1400+ processor is available from Elitegroup Computer Systems for $699 for example. But the first version of LindowsOS Laptop Edition didnt support the Centrino platform, which has become a leading force in notebook systems.

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