Linux Foundation Director Discusses Goals

Q&A: The OSDL and Free Standard Group merged, creating the Linux Foundation. Jim Zemlin, the new mega-organization's executive director, talks about the foundation's goals and objectives. (

Why did the Free Standards Group and Open Source Development Labs decide to merge?

Both groups have long shared the same ultimate goal—to accelerate the adoption of Linux—and have worked together in the past. Discussions about how the two groups could work together or join forces have been taking place for some time.

Due to the maturity of the Linux market and the new requirements that brings to the support for the operating system, the board members of both organizations decided it was time to officially bring the groups together.

Traditionally, the FSG has operated as a standards body, while the OSDL has been more of an industry working group and marketing body. How will the Linux Foundation operate?

The Linux Foundation will bring the best of both organizations together to support Linuxs ability to compete in an evolving market. Were focused on improving Linux in three key areas: standardization, promotion, and protection.

All of our activities are organized under one of these umbrellas. By bringing the most important activities from each organization to bear in the formation of The Linux Foundation, we believe the market and community impact will be far greater than what each organization could achieve alone.

How will the Linux Foundation fund its activities? Can you reassure our readers that the organization has a solid financial base?

The Linux Foundation is funded by member dues, and we are confident the income is in perfect balance with our infrastructure and activities.

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