Music Distributor Ships Linux PMP

The Linux answer to the video iPod is on its way. (

A "hybrid" music entertainment company with several revenue models says it is shipping its first portable media player.

Titan Global Entertainments "Omni" PMP runs Linux, has a 4.3-inch QVGA display, and offers standard media recording and playback features, according to the company.

Titan says its a very fast-growing company specializing in artist management, record production and music distribution, among other pursuits. The company also runs a "Titan Tunes" Web site, which it plans to expand into a "Titan Universe" site with video and other media downloads. The Omni device will integrate with its media portals, the company says.

The Omni is positioned as a more feature-laden, lower-cost alternative to Apples iPod Video product.

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