OSDL Releases v 3.0 Carrier Grade Linux Spec

As Linux claims a growing share of the telecommunications market, CGL 3.0 is a blueprint for future expansion.

Linux is achieving critical mass in a number of segments in the telecommunications market, particularly in telecom infrastructure equipment. Pointing toward an even more successful future, OSDL (Open Source Development Labs) on Thursday released version 3.0 of the CGL (Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition) for developer evaluation.

The CGL is described as a public reference blueprint for Linux distributions, major end users, and Linux kernel developers to build Linux kernel features and associated libraries that are required by telecommunication carriers in their next-generation network infrastructure.

OSDL said that it expects CGL 3.0 to begin impacting telecommunications equipment during 2006.

Consistent with that prediction, the Lab released its Carrier Grade Linux 2.0 requirements definition in October of 2003, and compatible Linux implementations began showing up approximately one year later.

"Linux is making huge advances in telecommunications," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL, a global consortium of over 60 companies dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux.

The reason is twofold, according to Lee Doyle, group vice president of Network Infrastructure for International Data Corp.

"Carriers and network equipment providers are both increasingly looking at Linux solutions to reduce infrastructure costs and to rapidly deliver new applications in their telecommunications infrastructure," he said.

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Andy Wilson, business development manager of the Intel Open Source Technology Center and chairman of the OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Working Group, agrees. Linux is "a critical element of emerging modular telecommunications platforms, offering faster time to market and reduced cost," he said.

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