Top Linux Developer Joins Linux Foundation

Ted Ts'o, a top IBM Linux developer, will be spending the next two years working with the Linux Foundation on the Linux Standard Base.

Linux kernel developer Ted Ts'o will be joining the Linux Foundation for two years as a fellow and chief platform strategist.

There, Ts'o plans on extending the LSB (Linux Standard Base) to create programs that will work on multiple Linux distributions. This way, ISVs can support different distributions, such as Red Hat and Ubuntu, at the same time.

"I will primarily be focused on taking the Linux Standard Base to the next level," Ts'o said. "My intent is that, at the end of the two years, to provide enough value to ISVs that we have a large number of ISVs shipping LSB-compliant and LSB-certified applications as their method of supporting multiple Linux distributions with a single product release."

"We couldn't be more thrilled to see Ted join the LF," said Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation's executive director, in a statement.

The Linux Foundation was founded in January 2007 to promote and standardize the Linux open-source operating system. It was created after two other Linux consortiums, Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group, merged. "There are very few people in the world with the unique background and breath of experience that Ted holds in both Linux and enterprise computing," Zemlin added.

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