Array Networks Launches SPX800 Universal Access Controller

Array expands its networking offerings to cost-conscious businesses with the release of the SPX800 Universal Access Controller (UAC).

Secure application delivery company Array Networks announced the Array SPX800 Universal Access Controller (UAC) designed for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). The new remote access solution offers a range of SSL VPN and remote desktop access functionality, enabling road warriors and office workers alike to securely connect to internal resources from remote locations. The Array SPX800 UAC is currently available with two options, 25 concurrent users and 50 concurrent users. It includes a set of SSL VPN features as well as the DesktopDirect remote desktop control solution.

For road warriors, the SPX800 delivers SSL VPN access to the network and all applications from any PC from any location. For users who typically work in an office, the SPX800 provides remote access to the worker's desktop with complete access to applications, helping reduce the number of notebooks cash-strapped, cost-conscious businesses require.

"Remote access for SMBs has been an afterthought for enterprise-class SSL VPN vendors," said Array President and CEO Michael Zhao. "Accordingly, SMBs have had to settle for limited functionality or poor quality of experience. With the SPX800, SMBs now have a truly high-value, optimized remote access solution that serves all their needs in a single, affordable appliance."

The SPX800, according to the company, is the only hardware-accelerated entry-level SSL VPN appliance with auto power management, with a typical set-up time of less than 30 minutes. The SPX800 also features Array Pilot, an administrative user interface with wizards and device configuration workflows that simplifies installation for any IT administrator.

In July, the company announced the Array APV900 Application Delivery Controller, a load balancing and traffic management offering also aimed at cost-conscious businesses. The ADC solution includes features such as Layer 2-7 server load balancing, high availability, caching, SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] acceleration, DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection and Connection Multiplexing and compression.

The APV900 directs connections past inactive or overburdened servers, re-establishes connections as conditions permit, and eliminates single point of failure with 1+1 redundant configuration. It also reduces the cost of application, web and network infrastructure while improving performance of business-critical applications and Web sites. The APV900 ADC is currently available in three packages, each with a specific focus: AppVelocity for application acceleration, AppVelocity-S for secure application delivery and NetVelocity for WAN link load balancing.