Embrace and Extend Trump Rip and Replace Every Time

Opinion: When it comes to the small-to-medium business customer, what a lot of vendors don't get is just how much the IT organizations of these types of companies need to get done with very few people to actually do the work.

In contrast to the average Global 2000 company that seems to have a specialist on hand for every IT task, the average SMB organization needs to leverage every asset they have in multiple ways.

This is why SMB organizations tend to look askance at vendors who show up with products that require them to rip and replace things they have today that are working. Instead, what they prefer is a model that allows them to embrace something new that extends their capabilities.

A good example of something that fits that model is a new unified communications offering from ObjectWorld Communications. The new offering allows an IT organization to keep its current PBX system in place while using the ObjectWorld offering to take advantage of new capabilities based on VOIP (Voice-over-IP) technology.

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