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dialogtech and analytics

DialogTech Launches Dialog Analytics Marketing Platform

Dialog Analytics identifies whether a marketer's call reached a recipient or the call went unanswered, and automatically tags the call accordingly.
algosec and apps

AlgoSec Debuts Business Application Mapping Platform

Auto-Discovery automates the whole process of identifying and mapping application connectivity, and gathers this information into an intuitive map.
bizbuysell and smbs

Sales of Small Businesses Rise, but Process Takes Longer

A total of 1,935 closed transactions were reported in the second quarter of 2016, bringing the year-to-date total to 3,775, according to BizBuySell.
dt research and tablets

DT Research Debuts Rugged DT301, DT311 Tablets

DT Research's tablets come with custom options and lightweight design, offering indoor-outdoor versatility with water-resistant detachable keyboards.
social media and shopping

Consumers Turn to Social Media When Shopping for Products

A survey on buying habits found 77 percent of consumers regularly use their smartphones to access reviews and recommendations while they’re shopping.
barracuda and firewall

Barracuda Releases Firewall for Cloud-Based Environments

Barracuda built the firewall for highly distributed networks with hundreds or even thousands of locations, and provides dedicated dashboard widgets.
logicnow and msps

Data-Driven Automation Boosts Managed Service Providers

According to a LogicNow report, 44 percent of IT service providers and managed service providers are already data-driven, with most seeing benefits.
sheerid and verification

SheerID Launches Employee Verification Platform

SheerID's solution removes the portal or intranet link from employee purchase programs by verifying employees’ eligibility during the checkout process.
health it and cloudmedx

CloudMedx Debuts Cost Calculator for Health Care Providers

CloudMedx automatically identifies chronic care patients through its analytics platform, enrolls them electronically and creates provider workflows.
it jobs and comptia

IT Jobs Market Healthy, Particularly for Software Developers

The number of jobs in the IT sector was estimated at 4,389,600 as of June 30, and almost all IT categories recorded growth, according to two reports.
health and wearables

Accuracy in Wearables a Top Priority for Consumers

Nearly three-quarters of consumers believe that accuracy in wearable technology will one day be able to directly affect your health, according to a survey by Valencell.
big data and survey

Businesses Struggle to Implement Data Analytics Tools

Less than 10 percent of businesses say they have connected their infrastructure with their analytics capability, according to a ZS study.

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