A Great Solution for Notebook Backup

Review: Do you back up your notebook data regularly? How quickly could you recover if your notebook hard disk suddenly died? We look at an amazing solution – the CMS ABSplus.




Easy to set up and use, provides bootable replacement notebook drive, many features for power users, reliable operation.


Documentation is difficult to navigate and obtuse in places, and missing important troubleshooting information. First backup can take a while. Versioning not supported (coming soon per CMS). Office XP may need reactivation when using backup drive as primary drive in disaster recovery mode, and this is not explained.


The ABSplus delivers a highly reliable, simple to use backup product that provides much needed disaster insurance for important data. Although it can take more than 7 hours to backup a 20gig hard drive the first time, subsequent sessions only copy changed data. It’s light-weight, travels easily, and truly offers peace of mind. If you value your notebook data, you need this product.



CMS Peripherals

List Price:

from $279 for a 10GB system to $499 for a 60GB version

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10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB

Read our complete review, by starting with the Overview, or head right to Physical Design to see how it looks. The Installation and Initial Backup section describes in detail how we got it working, and the Advanced Features section discusses some of the bundled goodies. For testing details, we benchmark backups in Performance Results, and discuss how well it actually worked in a simulated crash in the Disaster Recovery Test Results section.