AmeriVault Extends Reach to Small, Home Businesses

The data storage and protection provider makes a play for the very small end of the market with the acquisition of Certified Backup.

AmeriVault Corp., a data storage and protection provider, has agreed to acquire Certified Backup, an online data backup vendor focused on the small and home business market.

AmeriVault, of Waltham, Mass., uses the outsourcing model to provide offsite disk-to-disk data protection and recovery services including online data backup, e-mail archiving and data replication, mostly to SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) ranging from 50 to 1,000 employees.

The acquisition of Certified Backup, also based in Waltham, is expected to extend AmeriVaults reach into the small and home-based business market. The first step, said AmeriVault CEO Bud Stoddard, will be to incorporate the Certified Backup platform into a new AmeriVault XpressVault product—a move that will allow the company to offer three levels of service offerings at different price points.

"The Certified Backup product is similar but is positioned in a lower end than what were known for, and its lower priced and caters to smaller companies," Stoddard said. Thats good, he said, because it expands AmeriVaults reach into the small and home-based business market.

And unlike other products in AmeriVaults portfolio, the new AmeriVault XpressVault will not be developed on the eVault platform, which has been a hallmark of all other offerings developed by AmeriVault until now.

"Most of what we do is on the eVault platform, and we wanted to expand out and build a product that didnt rely on that platform," Stoddard said. "It was all about getting the technology to do that."

Although Stoddard intends to use Certified Backup as a way to further permeate the small-business market, he insists hell do it using AmeriVaults traditional high-touch, high-service methods.

"We play at the high-quality, premium-priced part of the market, and that wont change," he said.

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Making a play for the very small end of the market makes good business sense for AmeriVault, said Arun Taneja, president of Taneja Group, of Hopkinton, Mass.

"A few years ago, practically every storage vendor was presenting its product to the enterprise, so the enterprise-level companies were getting every vendor knocking on their doors while the SMB companies were hoping just one vendor would call them," he said. "But in the last 12 to 18 months, storage vendors have begun to realize that the SMB space is exploding. Announcements like these just show that vendors are recognizing that the SMB space is where the biggest growth rate will be over the next few years."

After absorbing Certified Backup, Stoddard said the company will focus on introducing related services in the areas of replication, compliance and high availability.

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