Integrating Application Data

CommerceRoute to unwrap appliance series

New kid on the block Plug and play is moving into the software integration sphere. CommerceRoute Inc. this week will introduce a family of appliances the company says will enable IT managers to integrate application data among internal departments and external trading partners through graphical interfaces without coding.

Transforming data The Syncx Series appliances, like many storage appliances that came before them, are built with Intel Corp. processors and run a proprietary operating system. Embedded in the boxes is a CommerceRoute transformation engine that transforms data so that it can be understood among various systems across departments and supply chains.

Tools of the trade The appliances include rich discovery tools for identifying the data that needs to be connected among organizations. They have standard security features, including use of HTTP, Secure Sockets Layer and PGP encryption, as well as certificates and authentication. Pricing begins at $15,000.