Kashya Adds CDP to Data Protection Appliance

The company's KBX5000 works for local and remote sites, and protects against a range of data failures in a single appliance.

Kashya has introduced a follow-up product to its KBX5000 data protection and remote replication appliance that provides continuous data protection at local sites as well as at remote ones.

The product, dubbed KBX5000 CDP, now integrates with the companys replication solutions and provides local continuous data protection, enabling organizations to immediately recover applications at any point in time, said Mehran Hadipour, vice president of marketing for the San Jose, Calif.-based company.

Companies needing to deploy CDP at one site simply place the appliance at that site, while companies that want CDP capabilities for remote applications place one appliance at each site.

The system then creates a journal of all images, creating a pool of images that can be updated.

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Unlike most data protection solutions, the KBX5000 CDP protects data from all types of failures—local, logical, array, host and more—in a single appliance.

That capability, Hadipour said, allows an organization to avoid a host of software, hardware and infrastructure components that traditionally would be necessary to achieve the same functionality.

The integrated solution offers both remote and local continuous data protection in a single solution. The product allows organizations to recover to any point in time and offers instant access to CDP data for read and write processing.

The KBX5000 CDP also allows administrators to create single or multiple policies for local and remote data protection and adheres strictly to user-defined policies tied to business objectives and service level agreements, Hadipour said.

The appliance also creates a number of integration points with applications, allowing users to create intelligent bookmarks and select transaction-consistent boundaries. This allows data images to be application-consistent, Hadipour said.

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The CDP capability is an add-on module to the companys current product, the KBX5000, which features remote replication. Users can purchase the KBX5000 in addition to CDP to achieve local and remote CDP capabilities, or purchase the replication capability alone.

With the KBX5000 CDP, Kashya seems to be trying to create a lower-end product that does much of what EMCs SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility)—a software-based remote replication and business continuity product—can accomplish, said Rhoda Phillips, research manager for storage software at IDC of Framingham, Mass.

"It looks like it could be something [smaller environments] could use without spending so much for an SRDF solution," she said.

Kashya is picking a good time to storm the CDP market, Phillips said, because the nascent market is expected to experience sustained growth. And unlike some of its competitors—at least so far—Kashya seems to understand how to present the technology in a way that organizations can understand, she said.

But the market is growing so fast, Phillips said, that competitors like Storactive Inc., Revivio Inc., Mendocino Software, Topio Inc. and XOsoft may give it a run for its money.

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